Hello! I'm Yasmin Sarai.

Warm sunshine makes me happy. My husband is my best friend. I pay attention to details. I Google everything. I love being unique. I'm a middle child. I love love, fresh flowers, and glitter. Lots of glitter. I have a sweet tooth and would eat chocolate everyday if I could. Koalas are my favorite animal because they're so cute and they sleep a lot. My family would tell you that sounds kinda like me.

My weakness is reality TV. I can't walk into Target without buying at least one thing. You'll often find me dancing in the car to anything with a good beat. And when I'm alone I sing very loudly. Watch out Adele... I'm just saying.

I'm am so blessed that I get to have a job that allows me to be as creative as possible.  And that I get to be in the warm sunshine when I do it. I notice the smallest of details and appreciate them greatly, which might explain why I love cute accessories and pretty pictures so much! Oh and did I mention I like glitter?