This may sound silly, but I firmly believe that one of the absolute greatest things about the internet is hair tutorials.  They not only provide a warning about what not to do (i.e. this poor girl!), but they also give provide dozens and dozens of ideas about hairdos that can be done quickly and easily while still looking ah-may-zing!

This video tutorial comes from my amazingly talented friend Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design.  You may recall me mentioning that she captured my headshots last summer. Specializing in capturing stills and motion, Ale has an eye for all things lovely and dreamy. She shared this hair tutorial earlier this week and I wanted to pass it on to all of you!

I'm definitely going to be rocking this hairstyle for my next date night with Kurt... and I'll be sure to post a picture on my instagram when I do!



Hello there!  Between travelling, learning, shooting, and planning, I've been a bit busier lately.  However, I've been dreaming up ways to revamp things within my business and on this blog too.  If you've been reading this blog since my beginning, THANK YOU!  And if you are just joining me on this journey, WELCOME!  I believe that there are many great things to come and I am excited to use this forum to share my successes and failures, hopes and dreams and all that's in between.

Today I have some more photos to share with you!  Engagement photos to be exact.  This next engagement is one of the several engagement shoots I was able to photograph while shadowing my mentor Meg Perotti.  Bingying and Haoren wed in Singapore in December, and had their engagement photos done by Meg at the end of the summer.  This couple was so sweet!  You can totally tell how much they love one another by the way they look at each other.

One thing I learned from this shoot is how amazing it feels to find good light... and how I love a glorious California sunset!  I think we definitely got some good ones on this shoot :)  Enjoy!



Tuesday Truth is a series on the blog of my photos with a truthful quote that the photo reminds me of.  Click here to see more of this series.



Hey there friends!  I am currently at the airport, ready to head up to Seattle again!  As you may remember, back in January I ventured up to the Pacific northwest for the first installment of RESTART, a photography business makeover with Jasmine Star.  I was chosen to be one of the in-studio attendees of the creativeLIVE class, which is being broadcasted live online for the whole world to watch and learn.

And this time I am bringing Kurt with me!  Yay!  I am so happy that he is able to come with me :)  And Kurt loves coffee (unlike me), so he is going to looove Seattle!

The third installment is taking place tomorrow starting at 9am PST, so if you're interested in checking it out, you can watch it for free here!  You may even catch a glimpse of yours truly!  If you cannot watch live, I'll do my best to keep you updated via my Facebook page!  See you online!

Below are photos from my trip in January.... inside the creativeLIVE studios and then exploring Seattle the next day:

Below are Melissa Kilner, Nikki Closser, and Ryan Greenleaf, the three photographers whose businesses are being made over by Jasmine Star.  I am sooo amazed by these three and the progress they've made... they are all super sweet, genuine, down-to-earth people and I am so happy for them :)
This is Tami, one of my roomies and new friends.  Before we ever met in Seattle I saw her on an episode of Showit Live.  Such a sweet heart and a strong person :)
The day after the class, I checked out downtown Seattle with my roomies....

Of course, we had to visit the original Starbucks!

And the farmers market.

One of my roomies, Jenna, is a super-amazing blogger and during out time together she shared some really helpful tips about how she has been such a success in a short amount of time... I'm really thankful for her honesty and willingness to share and know she is destined for great things :)

Love the shoes!
There's little ol' me... looking forward to getting a photo with Kurt this time around!

My third roomie, below in the red coat, was Ashlee.  She also happens to love shoes too, which she recently blogged about here.  Sadly she won't be joining us live in Seattle this time around, which we are all bummed about, but I wish her the best!

I have learned so much from the last two installments and am really looking forward to being a part of the third and final one with all the fabulous photographers above and all the online viewers too!