Soft curls swept across my face and the faint scent of roses filled the air that windy Spring night. Together we walked. When we finally sat down, you spoke the words that my heart had been silently hoping to hear for months. You wanted to be more than friends. I still remember how my heart leapt when you reached out and held my hand in yours for the first time.

The other night you came home and pulled a pretty bouquet of fresh tulips out from behind your back. I leapt into your arms and we embraced. Those same hands pulled me close, only now they are the hands of my husband. Still pursuing my heart.

Four years ago we fell in love.

Springtime always reminds me of that first night. The night our friendship blossomed into a sweet romance.



These past couple months have been like a roller coaster ride. Terrifying build-ups that leave my stomach in knots and my heart in a panic, followed by fast-paced thrills, excitement, and fun that leave me with the biggest grin on my face. My budding photography career is just that. Budding. I've done some fun shoots with friends, had my first paid solo gig, and shadowed my first wedding (don't worry; the pictures are on their way, people!). I've learned a ton, but I still feel like I am just scratching the surface. But I know that this is what I am meant to be doing right now. 

I am uncomfortable, challenged, and weak; and I am happy, creative, and free. I guess I kinda like roller coasters ;)

When I started this blog, my first post was about courage. Courage was what I needed to take the first step towards photography. To be willing to put myself out there. Today's post is about perseverance. I am a couple months in and the pressure to give up arises again. And sometimes it's strong. But I know that I've got to press on. To keep going. To fight.

The ever-present fear of failure constantly tries to derail me. I am in a continual battle with laziness, which tempts me to quit because it's just. too. hard. But I know that real growth takes time and effort. And I want to grow! The words below, which are posted on the wall above my desk, serve as a reminder of that. To anyone out there who is aspiring to become excellent at something, I must urge you: fight to close the gap.


I ❤ 31 BITS

It feels like it's been forever since my last blog post. I spent the majority of last week dying sick with a cold. In between popping various pills for congestion, eating cough drops like they're Halloween candy, and nursing a running nose, I received a package in the mail that cheered me up a bit. 31 bits to be precise ;)

pretty mint-colored bracelet from 31 Bits arrived on my doorstep. I'd been eyeing their collections for a while and I just love what they are all about. Thirty One Bits is a socially minded business with a meaningful mission and lovely jewelry. The jewelry is handmade with recycled paper by Ugandan women, who are empowered to rise above poverty, provide for their families, and chase their dreams through access to an international market. So my penchant for cute jewelry can actually make a difference. And my purchase is making dreams possible!

 My bracelet arrived in the cutest little pouch!
Sigh... I just love to see a good font :)
 Love it!

Be sure to check out all their pretty jewelry on their website: 31bits.com
And have a wonderful Wednesday! New photos are coming soon! :)



A couple weeks ago, the fabulous Jasmine Star, embarked on a 12-city speaking engagement called theFIX: Conversations with Jasmin Star. For those of you who don't know, Jasmine is an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer based in sunny California and Editor-In-Chief of Exposed Magazine. She is also one of my greatest inspirations, as an artist and a person.  I've been a longtime, avid reader of her blog, which offers tons of helpful advice about photography and business, along with funny and heartwarming stories about her life.

Shortly after I started my venture into photography at the beginning of the year, Jasmine announced theFIX tour. One of the stops was San Francisco. I blogged about my excitement here and my subsequent success in getting my golden ticket here. So when the day finally came, Kurt and I headed up to San Francisco, notebooks, pens, and camera in hand.

On the short walk from the car to Madrone Studios, I asked Kurt to snap a few shots of me:

The bus that Jasmine and her crew travelled was covered with bible verses. AMAZING! It also served as promotion for PASS.  I plan to use PASS as I grow my business because it's so smart... and I hate even the thought of burning DVDs. I want to Shoot and Share!
The venue had gorgeous purple lighting and a very cute set-up served as Jasmine's stage area.
Ashley Goodwin, a J* Jet and wedding photographer, served as host of the night. Oh, and side note: Jasmine is ripped!
She's so hood. She speaks my language.
Below is Jasmine's reaction to the amazing Flash Mob! Good job guys!
I was so happy that my supportive husband Kurt was there with me! While in line for the restroom, we got a chance to chat with Jasmine's husband JD. He was soooo down-to-earth, humble, and kind. I was able to give him a special card that I had written out for Jasmine and he promised that Jasmine would read it on the bus that night.
My hero! Jasmine Star!
JD signed my copy of Exposed...
 And Jasmine did too...

Dear Jasmine: You rock. Thank you for all that you do to encourage others! You are gorgeous inside and out! You've inspired me to work hard and pursue my dream of being a photographer.

And to my fellow SF Fixers: You guys are amazing. I'm so thankful for the Facebook group, y'all have no idea. I am so happy to have been apart of such an amazing event with other like-minded photographers. Thank you!