I ❤ 31 BITS

It feels like it's been forever since my last blog post. I spent the majority of last week dying sick with a cold. In between popping various pills for congestion, eating cough drops like they're Halloween candy, and nursing a running nose, I received a package in the mail that cheered me up a bit. 31 bits to be precise ;)

pretty mint-colored bracelet from 31 Bits arrived on my doorstep. I'd been eyeing their collections for a while and I just love what they are all about. Thirty One Bits is a socially minded business with a meaningful mission and lovely jewelry. The jewelry is handmade with recycled paper by Ugandan women, who are empowered to rise above poverty, provide for their families, and chase their dreams through access to an international market. So my penchant for cute jewelry can actually make a difference. And my purchase is making dreams possible!

 My bracelet arrived in the cutest little pouch!
Sigh... I just love to see a good font :)
 Love it!

Be sure to check out all their pretty jewelry on their website: 31bits.com
And have a wonderful Wednesday! New photos are coming soon! :)

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