Today is my baby sister's birthday! She is such a sweet, smart, and breathtakingly-gorgeous girl... inside and out!

Stacie, my prayer for you is that you would grow in your love for the Lord so that your joy may be complete! Your brother and I wish you a very happy birthday little sis! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to see you again this summer! xoxo



Psalm 139:14 declares, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  This verse reveals the beautiful truth that we are all unique, intimately known by a loving Creator, and wonderfully made.  And this truth has inspired college ministry Wonderfully Made to make it their mission to help today's modern young women discover, strengthen and reclaim their true value and worth.  It is their desire to see today's generation of girls rise up and live lives of lasting purpose, beauty, and worth.

A local chapter of Wonderfully Made will be hosting their annual Spring Seminar on April 28th.  The theme of the Conference is Bethrothed. The seminar is based on a passage from the book of Hosea.  The aim of this photo shoot was to provide them with imagery that evokes the bride of Christ in order to publicize the upcoming seminar.  These gorgeous young women are shining examples of the beautiful impact WM has made on real lives.

Next we have group shots:

Dear WM, it was such a blessing to work with a group of girls who are truly radiant inside and out! Looking forward to the seminar! xoxo



Wonderland.  Wonderland.  WONDERLAND!  You may currently be asking yourself: What is Wonderland? And why does this chick keep repeating it? 

A quick Google search (because that's how you answer any question these days) will tell you that it is a marvelous realm, a place of joy, beauty, and full of wonderful things.  Well, I'm here to tell you (just in case you have been living under a rock) that Wonderland happens to be the name of the lovely apartment occupied by Casey, Maya, Misa, Briana, Melissa, and Genevieve... a group of bright and beautiful young women with a very appropriately-named home. A home that is filled with so. much. love.  A typical midnight Facebook post from one of the girls reads: I love WONDERLAND!!!! I love it! I love it! Thanks God. <3

And whether it's a listening ear, a boisterous laugh, or an encouraging spirit, each of these girls brings something special to their little home.  I recently had the privilege of documenting their youth, beauty, and friendship.  It was so much fun to see a group of girlfriends who truly support and care so genuinely for one another.

The ladies of Wonderland aren't simply roommates or friends. They are sisters, with a bond that comes through Jesus Christ and a mutual love for one another.  And, thankfully, that love is freely spread to anyone who comes through their door or into their lives.  Thus, I am so pleased to introduce the amazingly gorgeous gals of Wonderland:

Could these girls get any more fierce?
 Here's one of my favorites :)

 You do not want to know what these girls were actually laughing about in this next one ;)


Sisterhood is beautiful!


Genevieve, Melissa, Misa, Briana, Casey, Maya: thank you SO MUCH for letting me photograph you girls.  You each inspire me as a photographer and as a friend. Thank for sharing the love (especially when y'all surrounded me with that giant group hug at the end of our shoot)! I love Wonderland too!



I can't believe how fast life goes.  I can still remember being the little girl who fell asleep to the sound of your voice.  You are so special to me.

Happy birthday Dad. I love you.
Photo by Open Door Photography



My husband is my best friend.  I love talking to him about the silly and sometimes strange ideas that pop into my head. I love making him laugh until his eyes water.  If I could have a conversation with anyone who has ever lived, (other than Jesus, of course), I'm positive that I would still choose Kurt.  He is my all-time favorite person.  And according to this sweet card he gave me, I complete him :)
Last month, during our Valentine's Day festivities, he offered to man the camera and snap a few photos of me.  A time for the photographer to become the photographed.

It was helpful to experience being on the other side of the lens.  Being photographed makes you feel vulnerable; I know I sure felt that way.  My goal is to become a photographer who makes her clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.  Experiencing this firsthand has given me a better idea of what my clients will need from me as their photographer.  Confidence.  So, without further ado, here are several photos of me: Yasmin Sarai. By Kurt, my darling and very, very patient husband.



Congratulations to Grecia, the winner of the giveaway!  Grecia, who happens to be a coffee-lover, will receive a $10 giftcard to Starbucks!  

A few posts ago, I shared about Casey's dream of one day becoming a mother.  I then asked others to share their dream in the comments section. Grecia shared this in response:

Wow, I love Casey's post. :) It is definitely possible, seeing as we women are designed for motherhood! But it also takes a lot of discipline and patience which we can learn more of. I hope everything goes well as she strives for her dream and that God blesses her with many children!  As I have said before, my dream is to be a writer. Still working out what it will take..

To read some of Grecia's writing, check out her blog Redimida.  Thank you Grecia for sharing your dream with all of us and enjoy your Starbucks card! :)



I can't remember a time when I didn't know him, she told me.

Wow. That's a long time to know someone, I thought.  A lifetime to be exact.  With much of their lives overlapping too. They went to the same school, grew up in the same church. Their parents were friends and their families were close.  It wasn't until her junior year that they briefly dated after he was her escort to a school dance.  But since he was heading off to college soon, she decided to let him go on without worrying about a girl back home. 

After the first semester, he returned home and knew that his feelings for her hadn't changed. She wasn't just any girl. She was his girl. And she missed him. There really wasn't a good reason for them to not be together.

After graduating, she left Nevada for college in California. But this time they maintained their relationship. They are best friends, sharing a love for the SF Giants, Jesus, hiking, and country music. For going to Disneyland or the beach whenever possible. And for chocolate (Amen!). 

They talk on the phone everyday and have the occasional Skype sesh.  It's not ideal, but they make it work. Because distance means so little when someone means so much. And these two simply belong together.

Recently he came to California to visit for a 3-day weekend so they asked if I could take some updated photos of them. And wouldn't ya know, Caleb was a natural! And of course, all Gabriella had to do was flash her gorgeous smile! They hope to build a future together... and considering that they've been such great friends for so long, I have a feeling it's going to be a very bright and happy one.

Meet the oh-so-lovely couple...

  They are so cute together! You can tell he makes her happyyy :)
  He is quite fond of her as well, might I add.

 This is one of my favorites, so I'll end on this lovely note...
Caleb and Gabriella, thank you both for letting me document your sweet friendship and even sweeter love.