My husband is my best friend.  I love talking to him about the silly and sometimes strange ideas that pop into my head. I love making him laugh until his eyes water.  If I could have a conversation with anyone who has ever lived, (other than Jesus, of course), I'm positive that I would still choose Kurt.  He is my all-time favorite person.  And according to this sweet card he gave me, I complete him :)
Last month, during our Valentine's Day festivities, he offered to man the camera and snap a few photos of me.  A time for the photographer to become the photographed.

It was helpful to experience being on the other side of the lens.  Being photographed makes you feel vulnerable; I know I sure felt that way.  My goal is to become a photographer who makes her clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.  Experiencing this firsthand has given me a better idea of what my clients will need from me as their photographer.  Confidence.  So, without further ado, here are several photos of me: Yasmin Sarai. By Kurt, my darling and very, very patient husband.


  1. Nice! I hope you can take pictures of Katie soon! :)

  2. You are beautiful!