The other day, one of my good friends and blog readers wrote out a response to my post Go Hard.  And it was not just a comment.  It was a very thoughtfully written blog post, complete with a bullet list of how she can be working on her dream today, even though she is quite aware that it will certainly take time for her to reach her intended goal.

Now, the fact that something I had to say about my own dream made someone else think in that much detail about their own is both humbling and encouraging.  And my hope is to continue to inspire by sharing my own journey with you.  Below the lovely photo is Casey's response:
My dream

One of my favorite bloggers is my friend and Bay Area photographer Yasmin Sarai. She is an incredibly talented budding photographer and Santa Clara alum whom I admire for many reasons. You should click on her name and check out her blog.

Yesterday, she posted a piece entitled Go Hard, where she challenges her readers not to back down in pursuit of a far-off and intimidating dream or goal:
I have to learn, even if it is at a painstakingly slow-pace.  Piece by piece, I will build knowledge and gain experience, because there is no short-cut to excellence.
At the end of the post, she asked her readers what their big dream was, and what small steps they were taking to achieve it.

I knew immediately what mine was. Want to know? Are you ready for this? It’s silly. I’m a little embarrassed, to tell you the truth.

Well… here goes. 

Everyone has a dream. What's yours?

Post your answers in the comments section. As a thank you for reading/sharing I will randomly choose one winner to receive a $10 giftcard to Starbucks!


  1. My dream is to become a pastor someday, but only if that is God's will too. I'm still discerning that. In the meantime, my dream is to live a fulfilling life with a pretty wife.

    1. What a lucky... I mean blessed, girl your wife must be ;)

  2. Wow, I love Casey's post. :)It is definitely possible, seeing as we women are designed for motherhood! But it also takes a lot of discipline and patience which we can learn more of. I hope everything goes well as she strives for her dream and that God blesses her with many children!

    As I have said before, my dream is to be a writer. Still working out what it will take..

  3. Aww, Yasmin! You are the sweetest! And Grecia, thank you for your encouraging words! I am so touched. :)

  4. OH SNAP! I just got caught in a temporal vortex, I go to your entry, but it directs me to Casey's entry, which directs me to your entry again! At this point, I think the only thing I can do is wait and hope for a massive power outage to free me from this trap!

  5. One of my dreams is to have a home where people feel welcome. I loved that about the Peters family in Ireland, and ever since then I've wanted to have a home like that.