This is what happens when a 10-year-old gets inspired.  This week, Emma's big brother was bedridden with a fever and while keeping him company they watched a marathon of Cake Boss.  This inspired her to do one thing: be creative!  She saw those amazing, edible cake creations and dreamed up a beach cake, complete with an ice cream stand, sand castle, and tasty golden sand met by the deliciously soft ocean blue.

Kids are so great at naturally doing what brings them joy.  She made this cake because she was happy to do it. It wasn't to show off, to compete, to get rich. It was because she had an idea she wanted to bring to fruition.  So, she made this beach cake.  And oh, how sweetly inspiring this is to me...
As long as I continue pursing my dream to be a photographer, I want to do it because it brings me joy, it makes me happy, and it is an outlet for my creativity.  That isn't to say that I am going to quit at the moment things become challenging or not-so-fun. But I will not let my motives for pursing this become impure.
Are your pursuits motivated by joy?

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  1. Great post honey, looks like your turning into a hedonist of something!!!
    I am pursuing to know God more each day because my deepest joy is in Him :)