I'm nervous.  Those are foreign words coming from Christine.  I mean, this girl has it together. Top of her class, finished college early, landed a job at a top accounting firm.  Impeccable style (mini-confession: I want her clothes), sweet personality, humble and thoughtful friend. She is even almost as funny as me. She sounds pretty amazing, right?  Still, she was straight-up about how she was feeling about being photographed. So I gave her my honest reply.

You know, I'm nervous too. I reassured her, But that's okay, because we are friends already.  (Plus, we've lived together before so I'm pretty sure we've seen all the bad that we could possibly see anyway.)

Christine showed up for her shoot with several wardrobe options (all fabulous btw) and we settled on her lovely Jessica McClintock frock.  And she was able to set aside some time from her crazy-busy life as an accountant to spend a Sunday afternoon with me.  She was even sweet enough to even bring me a tasty, cool beverage (an aloe vera drink that is apparently all the rage in Korean circles) to sip in between poses. And despite her nerves, this girl worked. it. out.  Even though I was not looking to be impressed, I certainly was.

Proof that I am as funny as I claim to be...
 Pretty, pretty!

Classic beauty...

Gotta love a good ol' satin bow... 
 Model status... btw, she is single, fellas! ;)

Thank you, Christine, for your honesty and for letting me capture your beauty with my camera. I hope you can see what I see: a driven, compassionate, fabulous, and absolutely gorgeous friend.