It's been one month since the calendar changed to 2012 and the hopes of change for this year have faded away for many.

At the beginning of this year I decided to plunge into something new: photography.  In the past month, I've realized that I am not going to start out with perfection (apologies to all my fellow perfectionists).  Anything worthwhile takes effort and pain and patience to get it.  There isn't an easy way to truly succeed.  The truth is: it takes hard work.

Learning photography, starting a business, being an awesome wife, getting healthy... it's gonna take time and work.  I must accept that I have to start small to continue dreaming big.  In other words, if I want to succeed in photography, I have to learn, even if it is at a painstakingly slow-pace.  Piece by piece, I will build knowledge and gain experience, because there is no short-cut to excellence.

Most of us believe the lie that we can be great and it will come at no cost to us. When we decide to try something new, we get lazy, weary, impatient. We give up way too easily. We quit. Or even worse, we fail to try at all.  But in words of Haley Williams (of Paramore), "I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!"

What is your big dream and what are the small steps you are taking to get it?

Remember: The hardest part of doing the work is doing the work. -Jasmine Star


  1. My dream is to be a writer! I am writing down thoughts throughout the day and working on a short story. :)

  2. I want to be a pastor, so I make an effort to spend time with God every day in his word. Sometimes I fail, but he never does.