Last week, I wrote about how badly I wanted tickets to theFIX: Conversations with Jasmine Star.

Monday morning I woke up a whole hour before tickets were set to go on sale. With my Macbook fully charged and my credit card in hand, I opened the tickets section of the website. At 8:59, I began hitting the refresh button over and over and over... My mind began racing. What if I don't get a ticket? What if it sells out? What if my computer crashes?

At 9:00, the page reloaded for 62nd time and the word PURCHASE appeared on the screen. My adrenaline surged as I clicked the red letters which lead me to a page with the list of various locations. I scrolled down and clicked San Francisco. I filled out all my info and then used PayPal to pay. TheFIX website seemed to be processing my info still but Paypal sent me my receipt immediately, so I assumed I was good to go. The website has to be super busy with people all over the country trying to get their tickets, I figured, so it might just take a little time for the tickets to get into my inboxWoooooo... I sighed in relief, deciding that I shouldn't worry. About an hour and a half later, my mom called and I told her that I got the tickets.

After hanging up I went back to theFIX's website, just to double-check my order (cause that's what you do when you're mildly OCD). Next to "Status" appeared the word "Cancelled." It said my order was not paid, not sent. My stomach dropped. KURT!!! WHAT DO I DO!?! Kurt said he'd check to see if the order was charged to our account. It was. He told me I shouldn't worry but I begged him: But it says CANCELLED! Just because PayPal took our money doesn't mean we are guaranteed the tickets... and what if they SELL OUT while we are trying to hassle with PayPal and theFIX website over whether we get those tickets or not?!

I was clearly a little panicked. Kurt decided to let me reorder the tickets and said he would just dispute the first charge with PayPal. I went back to the site, clicked Purchase --> San Francisco --> filled out my info --> paid with PayPal. I checked my Gmail and the first email in my inbox read:

Jasmine Star The Fix Tickets (#_ _ _ _)

Attached were the second set of tickets I ordered. YAY!!!!

Kurt wrote PayPal to dispute the first charge as I printed those precious tickets and did a little celebratory dance. Later that afternoon he informed me that PayPal reimbursed us for the first charge. I wish I could say at that moment I exclaimed: Kurt, you are my hero! Thank you for letting my reorder the tickets! Instead I said something along the lines of: Seeee! I told you so!

So, in conclusion, we got our tickets to theFix and I am sooo excited for March! Now: What will I wear!?!?