Katie is tall, slender, modelesque. Her skin is a lovely porcelain and her sandy brown curls frame her warm green eyes. She is simply stunning; her outer beauty is only topped by the kindness that pours forth from heart. Apart from meeting Jesus and meeting Kurt, meeting Katie was the best thing I ever gained from my college experience. She has been my roommate, my workout buddy, my helper, my confidante, my accountabil-a-buddy. She has helped me to confront some of my greatest personal struggles and prayed for me in times of need. She has encouraged me to be a better person while reminding me of my need for Christ. She has been humble enough to apologize and gracious enough forgive. She laughs at all my stupid jokes and listens to all my silly stories. She cares about my family and my friends. She has taken the time to get to know me, and she still likes me, which tells you just how patient she is.

She made a cake in the shape of my head, called me from her honeymoon to wish me happy birthday, bought me a plane ticket, showed me what my future children might look like ("Bun in the Oven"), played family feud with me to avoid homework, been patient with my lack of punctuality, assisted me in stalking Kurt before we were together (with a little help from Justin), had dance parties with me.

Katie, thank you for your friendship. You mean so much to me and I know that in you I have a friend for life. I love you! Happy Birthday!
Photo by Open Door Photography

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  1. yeah I second Yaz's comments. shes very kind