At the risk of sounding syrupy-sweet, my new year started back in June. The 19th, to be exact. The day I promised to Kurt that I'd be his very best friend until the day I take my last breath. If I could have, I would have pinky-sweared. Or pinky-swore. Well, I think you get the picture.

While the rest of the world is sippin' on champagne and toasting to 2012, I know that I am only halfway through the newest year of my life. And anyone who has been married for more than a day will tell you: it is not easy. Just ask Kim Kardashian. Or Katy Perry. Or Jennifer Lopez. Cause after all the hoopla of your wedding dies down it's just you. And him. And trying to figure out what to make for dinner since you already had Taco Bell one too many times that week. And learning to share, which by the way Kurt will attest is not at the top of my list of favorite things to do...

It's you and him gettin' real. I mean real real. As the bible puts it, it's two becoming one.

One last name. One bed. One bank account.

So six months have gone by and I look forward to the next six more. Cause it's us. Doing life. Everyday. Together. Just how I like it.
Above is a 6-month-a-versary card from my husband. I still get all awkward referring to him as my husband. It makes me feel all grown up.

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