So I have this dream of being a professional photographer. However, in order to make this dream a reality, I need plan. I'll admit, I lack a lot of knowledge when it comes to photography and business, but everyday my desire to learn grows. And I know that in order to succeed I have to realize I won't just start out great... it's going to take a lot of hard work.

Monday, March 19 internationally acclaimed wedding photographer Jasmine Star is coming to the Bay Area to host theFIX. According to Jasmine:
The Fix's entire goal is to identify weaknesses within a business, maximize entrepreneurial strengths, and outline a course of action to employ in 2012.
Now, I don't know how much this counts as an education, but I've read Jasmine's ENTIRE blog. I'm almost done with her amazing new magazine Exposed. Obviously I am aware that attending The Fix won't miraculously cause her genius and fabulousity to just rub off on me. And I don't know how difficult it'll be to get tickets, but I'm praying that I get one.

However, if I get to go I know I will be one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur and a photographer. I will get practical business help. And I may even get a hug from my hero :)

My only fear is that upon meeting her I'll look like this:


  1. You'll only look like that if you cut your hair short and brush it to the side. I hear it's a good look!

  2. Thankfully, my finals don't fall on that day, so I think we will be able to go :)