I've always assumed I would never own a pet. Growing up, we didn't really have pets (with the exception of a few lizards, my sister's failed attempt at an ant farm, my brother's lady bug collection, and some sea monkeys). We didn't have much of a backyard, unless you count a patio that wasn't even large enough for us to circle around on our bicycles, so getting a dog didn't make much sense. And I never desired to have a cat because my only experience with cats was being scratched by moody ones, which caused me to conclude at a young age that they wouldn't be much fun.

Our neighbors had a tiny tan and white chihuahua named Jack. They got Jack right around the time when Taco Bell began their infamous talking chihuahua campaign (¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!). Jack was the closest we ever were to owning a dog. As I got older and we moved away, the idea of a pet became less appealing, since it equaled more responsibility and I was way too busy with school.

Last month, as I was trying to catch up on about 20 years of never celebrating Christmas (more on that later), I watched the Charlie Brown special I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown. Seeing the adorable little Rerun's determination and longing for a puppy got me so riled up that I exclaimed to Kurt, Why don't they just let the poor kid have a dog!?!
Kurt replied: One day you'll have a son asking you the same thing. Oh... yeah. Up until this point I've told Kurt all the reasons I don't want a dog. The responsibility, the cost, the cleanliness factor (being a little on the OCD side, I sometimes let myself think of all the ways a dog can create messes and freak myself out)... Last night, a friend of ours who is a lawyer gave me another convincing argument for a dog. In a nutshell, a dog = extra home security. The paranoid part of me likes this idea A LOT.

Well, we won't be getting any pets for a long while, per our renter's agreement, but in the future I may not be as unreceptive to the idea. Plus, I really do enjoy the time I get to spend around Kurt's family dog back in Oklahoma. So for now, it's a maybe...

But only if my son is as cute as Rerun and the dog is as cute as Willy ;)


  1. You know what else is extra home security, but no mess? A home security system! They should have dog rentals, you get one for like a few weeks at a time

  2. What's not to love?