Another good reminder, especially for days like today. Don't give up on your dream just because you have one off-day. Emotions and feelings can sometimes lead us to want to quit on something prematurely. I say, Persevere, my friends!

P.S. I wasn't sure what to title this post, so Kurt had several funny suggestions, which were all vetoed:
Keep on Keeping on. (Uh, no.)
Courage. (I already used that title, Kurt.)
No Meatloaf Tonight. (Actually, this is what I turned and told him after the first two suggestions.)
It Rained. (This is the first sentence from my college app essay. He says it to me on a daily basis in a exceedingly dramatic voice.)
My Mind is Saying No But My Body is Telling Me Yes. (NO. This is not an R. Kelly or Christina Aguilera song.)

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