One month ago, Kurt and I began the long drive down to Phoenix for the SiteHouse Go Live Event, where we spent two days with graphic designer/rockstar Promise Tangeman and her equally awesome creative team, learning the Showit software and being coached through creating an amazing website for my photography business!

 first things first, I present, in all its gold glittery goodness, my new website YASMINSARAI.COM!!!

So just how did I stumble upon this amazing opportunity? Well, it all started back in April, when I signed up for a special lifetime account with Showit.  I wanted to become a Showiteer eventually, but when the opportunity to get a lifetime account arose, I knew it was too good of an offer to pass up! This happened just a few days before Promise announced the first ever SiteHouse Go Live Event. I was sooo excited because I knew that if I was going to create a killer website with my brand new Showit account, this workshop would be my opportunity to learn from the best of the best: Promise Tangeman! So I desparately begged Kurt to let me go discussed it like an adult with my husband and signed up soon after. We decided to drive there, making it an almost 12 hour road trip (it really wasn't as bad as it sounds)! It was a perfectly adventurous way to start our summer!

Fun times in Phoenix!

My experience in Phoenix was simply amazing! I truly feel that this event helped me take my business to the next level. I now have an online presence that is totally glam and totally me. The work environment was so fun and I am shocked at how much awesomeness we all accomplished in only 2 days!

I loved that I was able to get individual time with Promise because she is really good at what she does. She is obviously a totally cool, rock-and-roll kinda chick as you'd imagine, but I also really enjoyed her personality because she is a really down-to-earth person and I knew that she really wanted to see each of the attendees leave with a feeling of success and accomplishment.

The time I got to spend with the entire creative team and other attendees when we weren't hard at work was the most impactful. Besides finishing my site, Kurt and I made friends and had a great time! 
We literally celebrated for each site that was launched! Oh, and the giveaways and all the free swag were so so great! I even won a lovely Epiphanie camera bag (blog post on that coming soon)! The value of the whole experience was worth a lot more than the cost of attending!

I am TOTALLY confident with editing my own site now. Maybe even helping show others how it's done! I recommend this event 100% to any photographers (or other creative types) out there who want to create a rad website in a fun, focused environment with the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Showit software while receiving helpful input from Promise and her creative team.

Here are some photos from Alejandra Vidal of Imaginale Design, who also took all our new hot new headshots and made the amazing review video, which you will see later on in this post:

Creative Backdrop

Hard at work on Day One!

Goodies galore!

Day Two!

My short-lived career as a hand model... rockin' the mint polish! And holding my favorite hair product!

Kurt showing his support with a fist pump... and we've never even seen The Jersey Shore!

Celebrating our success with style!

The next Go Live workshop is this October so if you're interested in going I highly suggest signing up now because space is limited! If you do sign up here is my greatest piece of advice: DO THE HOMEWORK! I cannot stress this enough. The homework that we were given prior to the event forced me to dig deep to develop my brand. I think it can be intimidating to try to define yourself because you don't want to seem like your limiting your business, but actually I found that the more time I spent brainstorming and making decisions about colors and design, the more confident I felt going into the event. I was able to really focus on getting my site done and asking the real questions I needed to ask Promise about Showit and my website layout. The homework really was the key to my success! Also, come prepared for your headshots, even if that means bringing your curling iron for a quick touch up like I did!

For more info you can read Promise's recap! Also, be sure to check out the sweet Go Live website too!

I also did a live review shortly after I hit publish! You can see me (and Kurt too!) at the end of the attendee review video:

The Promise Tangeman Creative Team is amazing! Alex and Liz were extremely helpful and totally cool! And I am soooo thankful that everyone was super welcoming and open to letting my hubby join us, considering the first day of the event was our 1-year anniversary and all :) He loved it and we are so happy that we got to experience this event together! 

I want to give a special THANK YOU to our friend Rocco and his parents for being such great hosts to us while we were in Phoenix!

And to my husband Kurt: THANK YOU for driving there and back and for spending those two days supporting me as I pursue my dreams! I love you!

My goal was to create a site that represented me and my brand and I truly expected to publish a site that I would be proud of at the end of the 2 days. 
Mission accomplished!

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