Now, to continue my story from yesterday... After dinner, the plan was to do a group photo shoot at Union Square in San Francisco. Pro-photographer Joseph Pascua was kind enough to dedicate his time to teach the rest of the group how to utilize both existing and off-camera lighting to create compelling nighttime images.

So this is where the post's title comes in.  We needed a couple to be our models for the night.  So I decided to get all Katniss-like and volunteer Kurt and myself to be the tributes subjects a few days prior to the event.  Yes, I realize I am quite short and we are not professional models, by any means, but I love photos so much I could not resist. To be able to have our pictures taken by a whole group of photographers was amazing. Besides, walking through the streets of San Francisco with a group of photographers following after me is pretty much the closest I'll get to knowing what it's like to be famous, right?  Mark Nabong, fellow local photographer and J* Prime, kept things fun by telling curious passersby that Kurt and I were international models. Getting married in Europe this summer. Hah :)

It was chilly out, but my heart was so warm.  I was able to don my gorgeous wedding dress almost one year later and take pictures with my darling love... while simultaneously making friends and learning more about photography.  What a wonderful gift :)

Here are my favorite images from the night:

Photo by U Me Us Studios

Photo by Mark Nabong of Tekniq Productions


  1. GORGEOUS!! I love these shots! Can't stop looking at them! What a cool experience :)

  2. Yay!!! It was so fun and you two are gorgeous.

  3. Good story, second shot the best :)