Kurt and I kicked off summer just right: with a long road trip. We drove down to Phoenix, hit up an awesome workshop, and headed back to the bay with a new website and new friends. To keep myself occupied throughout the super long trip to Phoenix I made it a goal to take one Instagram photo an hour. It doesn't seem like much, but it actually proved to be quite the challenge. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of each hour! Below is a collage of photos from our trip from the Bay Area to Arizona:
I also took several Instagram pics during my time in Phoenix! One of my goals was to get a picture with a cactus, and lucky for me, they were everywhere! A few pics in this collage are from Promise and my fellow workshop attendees:
 Finally, after all our fun in the deserts of Arizona, we made our way back to beautiful, sunny California.  It was the longest road trip I've ever been on before and I am happy I had the best company on the road!  Thankfully, Kurt loves driving and listening to me talk (and sing) for hours on end.

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