It seems I've been on quite a roll with cute couples lately!  This next shoot is one of my most recent ones and it is one that means a lot to me.  Friends, please meet David and Debbie... my parents.  This August marked their 28th anniversary.  Only God knows how thankful I am for them and for their marriage, but let me just say, my gratitude is greater than my love for chocolate... and that's a whole lot!  And to answer your question, yes my mom has always been this gorgeous and no she did not have me in her teens lol... I've got my fingers crossed and can only hope that I will look half this good when I am her age.  And as for my dad, well he likes to joke that my brains come from him ;)

Now to get to the real good stuff... the photos!  For their shoot, we started with a more relaxed look in an urban setting and later moved into a more natural setting for some amazing, fiery sunset shots in dressier attire (can I just say, I LOVE her dress!). All in all, a great evening spent with my mom and dad, documenting their love.

Mom and Dad: Thank you for letting me document you two at this stage in life and love.  I am so thankful to God for your commitment to one another.  Signed, your favorite (middle) child! ;D