It's a new month!  And I have a new anniversary shoot to share with you today! Hooray!

Justin and Katie celebrated two years of marriage this summer and kindly let me photograph them to mark the special occasion.  We spent a sunny Saturday afternoon strolling through the neighborhood.  First we headed to the local farmer's market and enjoyed samples of the fresh produce and cheeses, picked up some flowers, and enjoyed the lovely warm weather.  Later on, the happy couple had a picnic on the grass, surrounded by some of their favorite reads and fresh treats.

It was a real pleasure to spend a day documenting these two lovebirds.  Katie is a true beauty and as you will see, her husband Justin makes her oh-so-happy. Enjoy!

To Justin and Katie: 2 years of a beautiful union and you are just getting started!  Thank you for letting me share this small glimpse of your sweet marriage.  Kurt and I are grateful for your friendship!

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  1. I love it! So cute :) Happy two years Justin and Katie :)