If you follow any of my social media feeds you'll have noticed by now that I've been posting a daily photo via Instagram with the hashtag #30daysofgratitude and have probably wondered what that is all about.  Well, in honor of Thanksgiving being this month, and because there are 30 days in November, I wanted to challenge myself to stop at least once a day and document what I'm thankful for.  That's it, nothing fancy.  It hasn't always been easy but somehow, everyday, before the clock has struck midnight, I've remembered to stop and share something!  It has forced me to realize how much there is to be grateful for and how much I take things for granted or somehow feel entitled to them because I have never had to go without them.

This wasn't some original idea I had, I saw it on the instagram feeds of a few of my amazingly inspirational friends and naturally was inspired to join them in expressing my gratitude everyday.  Hopefully you've also been able to learn a little bit more about my life these past 22 days (and beyond) and what fires me up too.

Today I will be enjoying a Thanksgiving feast with my family and thanking God because He is the one to whom I owe my gratitude.  And He has been so incredibly generous and kind to me this year: in my marriage, in my journey into photography, and in my own personal growth this year.
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! -Psalm 107:1
Happy Thanksgiving from me to you!

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