It's time for another Monday Mixer!

So what exactly do I mean? Here's a quick definition: Mixer /ˈmiksər/ n. An informal party arranged to give people an opportunity to get acquainted.

How it works: I will list off several random things and you can feel free to respond with comments on how you can/cannot relate or maybe even with your own random Monday list!  Let's do this!

This time around I am using these list (1/2) from Darling Magazine's March instagram photo challenge as inspiration for my random facts. Alright, here we go!

This might seem a bit obvious, but the most restful place for me is my own bed.  I was just thinking the other night how much I'm thankful for my mattress and pillow.  I know that not everyone can say that.

My favorite tool in the kitchen is my red KitchenAid mixer.  I don't use it everyday but it works great and it sure looks pretty on my counter! :)

My favorite word is grace.

A must read: right now I am really interested in The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions.  I've only read a few of the prayers so far but I've decided that this is definitely a must read.

The most used item in my bag is my chapstick.  I can't live without it!

Blast from the past: This recent post by my friend and fellow photographer Ryan Greenleaf about being a 90's kid through and through.  It brought back so many memories from my childhood!

Something new that I've recently done for the first time is the twist braid hairdo!  Haha, I used the fabulous hair tutorial I shared with you all last Friday :)

A moment that took me by surprise is when Kurt asked me to be his girlfriend 5 years ago.  I had liked him for months and had no clue about whether he was interested in me at all.  Best surprise ever!

On the shelf in my living room are books and photo frames with pictures of family and friends.

Today I am grateful.

My most worn t-shirt is a basic white v-neck. It may be time to retire it, but it's so soft and comfy and I just can't seem to part with it!

My favorite feel good movies are anything by Pixar!  I find that they are always so clever, heartfelt, poignant, and hilarious, all in one film.  Pure genius!

Something that always reminds me of my mom is the smell of this Bath and Body Works lotion.

The best time of the day is sunrise and sunset because that means there's lots of pretty light!

My workplace is best described as anywhere my camera takes me!

A quote that made an impact on me: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" -Jesus


Thanks for reading!  Feel free to post your own fun facts about you in the comments! Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Chapstick is a must, AMEN!

  2. Tena Robinson4/1/13, 9:14 AM

    It's so fun that Japanese Cherry Blossom is my favorite Bath&Body Works fragrance too!!!

  3. Totally with you on the chapstick! :-)

  4. Ok, lame, but I can't do without chapstick either!! What's your flavor? I love mint, because it makes your lips tingle, which tells my brain that it must be doing SOMETHING. And that quote from the Bible should be written on our mirrors, so we see it every. single. morning. Love this post :)

  5. I love sunrise and my kitchen aid mixer as well. I hate waking up for sunrise but every time I do I wonder why don't I do this all the time?? I loved that post of Ryans too made me happy

  6. Great share! Sunrise is the best time of day, that first coffee out on the deck :)

  7. Haha loved this post!! : ) I just got done making home made bread in my galvanized grey Kitchen Aid mixer!! I couldn't live without it!!! I use it for EVERYTHING!!! : )

  8. I love these Yasmin! I am grateful for today too. I was just talking with Tommy this morning about how we all worry about things we should be doing and instead take a moment to enjoy it and be grateful. Also...I just got an unopened giga pet from my grandma. Isn't that wierd!?? Loveyou.

  9. I love Pixar movies too! I will always sit down with my kids for these.

  10. I love the morning sun! However.... I'm always never up that early (maybe I should start)! Great post! :)

  11. Agreed! On so many things! You are awesome Yasmin!! What's the latest thing you made in your mixer? I made gluten free chocolate chip almond cookies in mine on Friday. I was on a cooking spree that day!

  12. Chapstick!! I loved reading about you :)

  13. Love the quote about worrying...So true. I need to remind myself of this!

  14. Chapstick!!!! I am lost without it lol.

  15. So so fun! What a great collection of things that remind me of you! I loved reading it!