Despite being born and raised in California, this state is so very large that there are tons of super cool places, right in my backyard, that I've yet to explore!  I love living in the SF Bay Area (northern California) because you never run out of places to go!  And I've been to many places throughout the whole state and in southern California, but one place I've yet to really explore is Los Angeles!

To celebrate 2 years of marriage, Kurt wants to road trip down to "La-La Land" and see what it's all about.  He's never really been, minus our one-day trip towards the end of last year when I attended the Making Things Happen Intensive.  But since he didn't do anything other than drop me off at and pick me up from the workshop while we were there that doesn't really count!

So I wanted to ask:  Eats, entertainment, sights... if you're familiar with the area, what do you recommend we must check out while we're there? And if you're not, what would you want to see if you were going?

Any input helps with planning a great trip!  I love the print from Rifle Paper Co. below. This is kinda the image I have stuck in my head about what this LA trip is gonna be like... we shall see! :)


  1. I don't know LA very well AT ALL (I'm a NY girl who lives in Chicago) but two of my best memories are korean BBQ and coffee/macarons/pastries at the gorgeous Bottega Louie.

  2. I wish I had suggestions, maybe I should come visit and we could figure it all out together? Happy Anniversary!

  3. What a fun road trip!! My friend and I went to a spa in LA went I visited her and it was only $25 to get in for the day. That gave us access to a huge pool, mineral baths, a huge area filled with red mud that you rub on your skin and some other fun things. You could also do extra stuff like massages, for more money. I'll ask my friend the name of the place!

  4. Hey Yasmin! I am in the O.C. and, wow, the list is pretty long so I will just throw some stuff out there (message me and I can give you more details :)): Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, City Walk, 3rd Street Promenade (Santa Monica), Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine Spectrum, La Brea Tar Pits, Santa Monica Pier, Aquarium of the Pacific, UCLA, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood and Highland, Cheesecake Factory, Open Sesame (Long Beach), 2nd Street (Long Beach), BJ's, Yard House, Venice Beach...

  5. Wish I could help but I've never even been to California LOL : ( Hopefully someday though!

  6. I'm no help but would love to visit LaLa Land one day so keep some notes for me ;)

  7. Wish I had this when I drove to California from New Jersey a few years ago! When we got to the boarder (from Reno,Nevada) We had to stop and they asked us ALL KINDS OF CRAZY questions before they let us into CA! I remember one question was "do you have any plants in the car?" LOL!

  8. Try tripadvisor maybe. I did have a trip there once, but I remember nothing except shopping

  9. Huntington Beach is gorgeous. Also, instead of staying in hotels you can check out Airbnb. It's an app that you can rent peoples homes on...say maybe a venice beach house? or any beach house? Disneyland is always fun, universal studios, and Hollywood are a good time. :)

  10. I bet you'll see lots of great stuff. Beaches are always my favorite place to go! Have a blast.

  11. Lived there 3 years, but it was about 10 years ago so things may have changed.

    Hollywood - Park around the Grauman's Chinese Theatre area, there is a parking garage. Go take pics in front of it where the hand prints, etc. are. You can walk down Hollywood Blvd to see the stars on the sidewalk.

    Sunset strip Just head west from the Hollywood area on Sunset and you're right there. It's like a mini times square now but used to be where all the rockers hung out.

    Melrose Ave - Tons of clothing shops and hipster coffee shops, etc

    The Grove & Farmers Market off of Fairfax and 3rd - The Grove was built while I lived there. I think it's become a pretty big attraction. It's really a big outdoor mall with clothing shops, restaurants and a movie theatre. It's a fun place to walk around. The right there is the Farmers Market. Go eat some crepes for lunch.

    Beverly Hills, go park somewhere and walk Rodeo Drive, etc. Then just go get lost on Beverly Drive, head north into the hills and look at all the big mansions.

    There is a restaurant off Fairfax and Sunset (?) called The Griddle Cafe. If it's still there, you'll probably have a wait so time it right. But it's the best breakfast I've ever had while living there.

    I used to take classes at a place called iO-West (Improv Olympic) http://ioimprov.com/west/ Fri/Sat 9:00/10:00 usually has the best shows. It's a tiny theater but there is also a small bar. It used to be one ticket lets you stay for all the shows afterwards. There's a show on Fridays that's an improvised musical that's usually pretty awesome. You'll likely see some celebs from comedy shows/movies

    And of course Santa Monica, 3rd St shops, and the Santa Monica Pier. Then you have Venice Beach just south of there with lots of people watching. North on "the 1" PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), you can drive up for a gorgeous drive, to Malibu, then to Zuma Beach. Check out Point Dume (you drive through a residential area), and the Cove below, where they typically film almost every beach/rock/ocean scene you've ever seen. haha

    You can still drive further north to my favorite beach, Leo Carrillo State Beach. Park along the road and walk the trail down to the beach. Lots of rocks jutting out onto the beach making for some private spots (go during the week for more privacy)

    South of Santa Monica & Venice Beach you get Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach. All very beautiful with shops, etc.

    There is a really great hike in Hollywood at Runyon Canyon, which is also a dog walk but has beautiful views. Easy hike. Park somewhere on the residential streets and walk up.

    Always be mindful of your parking meters and times when you park. Never think, oh I won't get a ticket, because you will. :)

    There's more but that should keep you busy. :)

  12. Oh and go get some late night hot dogs at Pinks. :)

  13. And don't buy any Homes of the Stars maps.

  14. I hope you have a great time. we travel all over the L.A. area for our job so it feels familiar to us. We love Manhattan Beach.