Here are two lists I wrote for Kurt in honor of his 24th birthday. 

First, 12 things I love about you:
1.  You are a man of integrity.
2.  You would rather read a book about theology than watch TV.
3.  You look really good in sunglasses ;)
4.  You are a poet and no one else knows it (except me!)
5.  You are really, really patient.
6.  You’re an awesome “Kuncle” to our nephews and you love kids.
7.  You hurt when I hurt and you rejoice when I rejoice.
8.  You are a great listener and you genuinely care about people.
9.  We make a pretty good team!  You truly are my other half.
10.  You actually don’t mind my glitter obsession.
11.  You’re not afraid of responsibility.  Rather than complaining about a situation, you do something about it.
12.  You are an amazing husband and my best friend!

Second, 12 things I have learned about you this year:
13.  You LOVE anything that’s pumpkin-flavored.
14.  You dig cooking shows.  I actually learned this about myself too, so I’m glad it’s a mutual thing.
15.  Although you don’t like to play video games, you still enjoy playing your Gameboy. Specifically Mario Tennis, haha.
16.  I don’t like the way you cook eggs. But you pour a mean bowl of cereal ;)
17.  Your new favorite activity is disc golf.
18.  You don’t mind driving really long distances. And you don’t mind me singing loudly on said road trips… or at least you haven’t complained about it yet ;)
19.  We’ve definitely got the same sense of humor. And I think you can read my thoughts...
20.  I am getting a little closer to really understanding that you love me unconditionally.
21.  You appreciate my home decorating skills.
22.  You love it when I cook for you and will eat anything I make for you with a grateful heart.
23.  You believe in what I can become and you believe that I am capable of achieving things.
24.  I wouldn't be who I am today without you and God's amazing grace.

12 + 12 = 24! 

Happy birthday to you, my darling love!  P.S. What a cutie pie!


  1. Very sweet! That makes me happy!