Before I became an aunt, I knew little to nothing about babies.  I didn't babysit in high school and when people around me did have children, I'd avoid holding them for fear that I'd make them cry. Babies always seemed so very fragile.

Of course, much has changed since my two nephews entered the picture... and boy, I sure am glad it did. Although children can be difficult at times, there is something so sweet, so special, and so exciting about watching a little life form before your eyes.  I get a front row seat to these boy's childhoods.  I get to watch their little personalities unfold.  I've been able to re-experience innocent wonderment, reliant trust, and jump-up-and-down-excitement all over again through these little boys, and those are gifts that I cherish deeply.

Now, being a Californian through-and-through, I LOVE the beach, but of course, familiarity breeds contempt (or in this case, indifference)... until I was reminded of how other-worldly it really is.  Recently my younger nephew experienced the beach for the first time, while the older one got to dig around in the sand and I was able to document those sweet moments below.  Because we were in Half Moon Bay, it was pretty chilly and the fog rolled in quickly, but it was beautiful, nonetheless.  My two beach babes had a great time and I was thankful for the reminder of just how much fun the beach can be :)


  1. I love these pictures! :) -Z

  2. Awesome pictures! Poor Hezekiah looks pretty cold!