It's time for another Monday Mixer!

So what exactly do I mean? Here's a quick definition: Mixer /ˈmiksər/ n. An informal party arranged to give people an opportunity to get acquainted.

How it works: I will list off several random things and you can feel free to respond with comments on how you can/cannot relate or maybe even with your own random Monday list!  Let's do this!

My fingers are double-jointed. 

I am in love with white furniture. It's so chic.

I am the only person in my family who does not drink coffee... even my two-year-old nephew loves it!

My latest obsession is Seinfeld. I find it hilarious and entertaining.

I crave chocolate daily.

I'm slowly learning that less is more and small is the new big.

I finished my Christmas shopping early this year. *High-five myself*

Today is my half-birthday!  Meaning it's exactly 6 months until my actual birthday... Yay!

I believe in the power of prayer.

Mexican food can solve all problems.  It does for me anyway.

My husband amazes me daily with his incredible patience for me.

Brrr! I hate being cold. Bring on the warm sunshine!

Adoption is still a growing passion in my heart. One day, Lord-willing.

I (heart) scarves. Functional fashion!

We now have a television. And it's awesome.

I LOVE getting emails from people interested in photo shoots (yasmin@yasminsarai.com) and bringing beautiful ideas to life. Fun stuff!


Feel free to post your own fun facts in the comments! Happy Monday y'all!


  1. What?!! You don't drink coffee?!! haha. So fun Yasmin. I love these posts.

    1. I know, it's crazy! But I just don't like the taste of it :(

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  3. I heart scarves, and white furniture!
    and I absolutely cannot stand the taste of coffee!..Def. a hot choc lady anyday!
    Although Downton Abbey is my latest obsession, I also believe in the power of prayer and I'd rather the summer than winter.

    Enjoyed reading this!


  4. I loooove coffee. With milk (which makes it less strong). Cafe con leche!

    I love earrings!

    I also get cold easily.

    I also believe in the power of prayer.

    I also heart scarves.

    I also--Oh wait, that's why we're best friends, and you know all of this already! ;)


    I've recently watched all of the movies made for Jane Austen's books.

    I love cooking but hate starting the process.

    I still have my Christmas decor up.

    Toodles! <3

  5. White furniture, yes please!!! I am starting to get way too much white though ;)
    What chocolate is your favorite?
    Way to go on the Christmas shopping, next year I will get on it earlier.
    Amen for prayer
    Not a fan of Mexican food, but Israeli, yes ;)
    Some random facts: I drink my English Breakfast tea daily with milk and I'm also a coffee lover! I love blogging and reading! This year I bought more clothes than in the last few years put together! I love NYC and have yet to go to Europe, 2013?
    And you're super fun!!!

    1. My favorite chocolate is dark! I hope to visit NYC sometime in the future :)