One of the most important things I've done for my business thus far has been to make friends.  After attending The Fix, I got connected with Marcie of Marcie Lynn Photography through Facebook.  Last spring, she invited me to come along with her to a ranch wedding in Monterey, California.  I am so thankful to Marcie for her kindness in letting me join her.  I was able to practice shooting at a real wedding and that made it a truly invaluable experience for me.

Nestled in the foothills of Monterey, Tim and Carrie had a gorgeous backyard ceremony, followed by a fun outdoor reception on the groom's parent's private ranch.  The weather was perfect and the views were simply breathtaking.  The couple really infused their own personal style into the wedding. Both the bride and groom are beer connoisseurs, so guests enjoyed a variety of beers and snacked on delicious fresh strawberries, which were grown right on the ranch!  (Those were probably the best strawberries I've ever had in my life!)  In addition, each guest received a cute little bottle of olive oil as a favor, from olives grown and pressed on the ranch too!  How awesome is that?

The best part about this wedding was seeing two best friends getting married, surrounded by their loved ones and rolling green hills as far as the eye could see! Best wishes to Tim and Carrie for a long and happy life together!  Now, here are a few of the photos that I captured on their special day:


  1. YASMIN!!! you did such an amazing job on this!! You have a ton of talent ..just wow!

    1. Thank you! Your kind words mean so much :)

  2. Gorgeous photos!! Great job, Yasmin!

  3. Gorgeous Yasmin!! Love the details!

  4. I love the hummingbird one!