I am passionate about weddings.  

To be clear: I've seen my fair share of wedding specials on TV where a woman becomes the monstrosity that is know as "Bridezilla" and turns such a beautiful moment into a mockery instead. That is not the kind of passion that I have about weddings.

I love weddings because I believe that setting aside a special day to commemorate such a significant commitment is worth it.  One day soon I will write more about why, but for now, let's just agree that it's important.  I mean, vowing your whole self to another person for life?  Yeah, that's worth taking a day, surrounded by your friends and loved ones, to really stop and take it all in.

I love weddings and although there are many, many reasons why I do (haha, unintentional pun), I will give you 3 basic reasons why I am (slightly) obsessed with celebrating that one special day, and in turn, why I want to shoot weddings more than anything else.  For now, I'm giving you just the first reason below.

Reason #1 - The sweet little details

Even for the simplest wedding, a good amount of work is done to prepare for that day.  For many brides, planning the wedding can be like a part-time job!  Time is spent debating over colors, dresses, flowers, and dozens of other pretty little details and my goal is to document the beautiful results of the bride's hard work.  Planning a wedding is creating a visual representation of the love, the beauty, and the personality of the couple.  A wedding can be a creative outlet for many brides, and as an artist-at-heart, I love when I get to see someone expressing themselves uniquely and creatively.

It's the details that help set the scene for the day.  The dress, the shoes, the flowers, the place settings, the programs, the centerpieces... all create an atmosphere that only enhances the beauty of the loving commitment being made to have and to hold.

After my wedding, I found myself still going back to wedding blogs like Style Me PrettyGreen Wedding ShoesWedding Chicks, and Grey Likes Weddings, just to admire all the amazing wedding ideas out there.  This was shortly before Pinterest existed, so I'd save ideas I liked into a folder on my desktop.  I now have a board of wedding ideas on Pinterest, even though I am already married!  But what girl doesn't have a board for their wedding?! Who cares if you don't even know who the groom is yet... I say, High-five for being on top of things, girl!  Just be sure call me when your ready for engagement photos! ;)

Little details are the things we store up in our memories, that we recall when we share our story with others, and that we savor when we want to reminisce on a special time in our lives.  You poured time, effort, and love into those sweet little pieces of your wedding, and capturing those details is an important part of my style of shooting.  So for the brides who absolutely love the details of their wedding, I believe I am the perfect fit for you.

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