Hello and happy Thursday to you!  I hope you've been enjoying the blog this week thus far... I am really looking forward to sharing a pretty blog post with you tomorrow!  Hint: it may be slightly related to today's post!

Today I'd like to share this lovely Vows art print from Southern Weddings magazine's most recent edition, V5.  This lovely work-of-art is by the supremely talented Lindsay Letters and is a beautiful rendition of the age-old vows.  Another gorgeous gold foil print... I'm obviously a little obsessed!

I believe that the sweet and sacred vows being made on a wedding day are really the most important part.  And I want to photograph brides and grooms whose love is true and deep and strong... who take these vows seriously 

So I wanted to share this as a short and sweet little thought for this Thursday.  I encourage you to read through the print and really think about what it's saying... if you're married, how can you love and cherish your spouse today?  And if you're not married just yet, but have found your true love and you're interested in being photographed together, let's set up a session! ;)

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